Oh no! There seems to be lots of lost teeth stories in the news lately. Basketballer Boston Celtics Isaiah Thomas a few weeks ago and Aussie James Stannard in the Rugby Sevens in London on the weekend both lost teeth recently. Were they wearing a mouthguard? I am thinking no …. Or else this may not have happened.

And what should James Stannard have done rather than trying to give it to referee Craig Joubert to hold for him, and then the trainer walking off with the wayward tooth in his hand…

Firstly if a whole tooth is knocked out .. very gently rinse off any dirt, holding it only by the crown (the part you would would see if you looked at the tooth in your mouth) and then carefully try to put it back into the correct place yourself. Failing that, you can store the tooth in milk or the fold of your mouth for a short time .. but time is critical. After 30 minutes out of the mouth the chance of any treatment working starts declining.. So the message is see your dentist ASAP. Let’s hope James ran to a dental surgery the minute he left the field ….


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