We are all aware that smoking can be bad for your health. The question is, can it be bad for your teeth? The answer is surprisingly yes and no. No in the fact that smoking will not weaken or harm the tooth structure itself or increase chances of tooth decay, but yes because smoking can cause damage to the supporting structure that give teeth their foundations.

How does smoking damage our teeth’s foundations?

Long term smoking can trigger our immune system to attach the jaw bone that holds our teeth in place. This process is called gum disease. Gum disease is rarely painful and the most common symptoms are bad breathe and bleeding gums. In its advanced stages, people may notice their teeth are ‘wobbly’. Gum disease can be treated especially in its early stages through regular dental cleans and sometimes medicinal gels can be used in trays worn during sleep. There are also gum specialists called periodontists that we can refer our patients to when necessary.

If I smoke, what should I do next?

If you haven’t had a dental check-up for a while, it might be time to book an appointment. Your dentists will explain any concerns and help come up with a strategy to improve your oral health.

We at More Smiles know that quitting smoking can be a tall order and will try and offer support without being critical or judgemental.

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