Imagine: you have no toothbrush or toothpaste for daily brushing.

Imagine: you have no sanitary items for basic feminine hygiene.

Imagine: you have left home urgently to escape domestic violence.

You have hurriedly packed a bag for you kids and fled.

Enter Share The Dignity.


The “It’s in the Bag” and Share the Dignity initiatives were founded by Rochelle Courtenay in 2015 for just this type of situation and others. Rochelle saw a real need for basic sanitary items and more, among homeless and at-risk women in our community. Young girls not attending school because of the embarrassment of not having personal hygiene items was another reason to get something done. “The Pad Lady” collected 750,000 packets of pads and tampons in 2 years and the drive has now become a national charity supporting many women across Australia. There are 2 major drives held in April and August of each year for collection of pads, tampons and associated feminine hygiene products plus a number of fund raising events during the year culminating in the It’s in the bag Christmas collection.

We at More Smiles recognise this need within our community and chose to take part in the hygiene drive earlier this year as well as the “It’s in the Bag” donation for Christmas. We are collecting new and almost new handbags to be filled with items that would be useful to a woman in need: sanitary items, toothbrushes, a pair of socks or thongs, some small pampering products, a pretty scarf perhaps even a coffee voucher. Feedback from some of the women who have received a bag in past is evidence that the efforts are genuinely appreciated.

“Knowing that this bag was put together by a person who cares about me, gives me hope that things will get better in my life one day.”

There Are 85,000 homeless women needing assistance this Christmas. The “It’s in the Bag” Christmas campaign gives us the opportunity to make a difference in a woman’s life. We can make her feel special. A simple gesture of giving a bag filled with little necessities along with some special treats will help shine a light in the life of a woman in need. Any of our wonderful patients who would like to take part and donate, are welcome to drop any items into our reception at More Smiles at 146 Karawatha Drive, Mountain Creek.

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