Root Canal Treatment

Can a root canal treatment save a tooth?

Previously, if your tooth was infected or diseased due to decay, fracture or tooth injury it would need to be removed. Today, a procedure known as ‘root canal treatment’ allows you to keep this tooth.

Inside each tooth there is a nerve. If bacteria reach the nerve, it will start to destroy these tissues which provide nutrients and sensation and the tooth. Once this happens your tooth will eventually become infected or an abscess will form.

Common causes of tooth infection are:

  • Deep decay
  • A blow to your tooth
  • Tooth Fracture
  • A loose filling

Root canal therapy involves drilling a small opening in the tooth and completely removing the infected nerve tissue. The canal is then cleaned, shaped, sterilised and the root canal space is then sealed with a filling material, much like a cavity or hole in your tooth would be filled.

This can be a very successful procedure that can save a severely infected tooth from being extracted. It is important to note that a crown is usually recommended to preserve the tooth following a root canal treatment.

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