Nitrous oxide Dental Sedation ( Happy Gas)

 We offer Nitrous Oxide or Happy Gas at More Smiles . It is a very safe and effective form of conscious dental sedation that involves the patient breathing in a gas mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide. For some people a visit to the dentist can be very stressful, the use of nitrous oxide can make the experience a lot more relaxing

Happy gas is breathed in through they nose and the level of sedation is closely monitored and controlled by the dentist. Patients  experience a pleasant lightness with a feeling of great relaxation and reduction in anxiety. It also has an analgesic effect and can help with people who have excessive gagging. 

Use of the gas can be stopped at any time and once turned off , the patient breathes oxygen for a short period with all effects wearing off very quickly. 

We use nitrous oxide on all ages, including children and adults. 


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