I have a secret which you can’t tell anyone….. Promise? Ok then. I’m 59 years old. And I don’t feel it at all. I feel like I’m 40 and fabulous. So that’s what we’re going with. Ok? Good. But considering the first number above (ahem…)… I thought it might be worthwhile talking about some of the aspects of dental health for those of you like me …

I like to keep active these days – I walk and go to the gym. Plus I now have a bit more time away from work to do things. I am concerned by the coloured drinks I see other people using at the gym in their water bottles. Anything added to water will cause dental erosion especially when the mouth is a bit dry from exercising. Plus many have sugar. Dry mouth and sugar is not a good combination – I see people who start to develop holes in their teeth at my age because they think they are doing a good thing (exercising) but are unwittingly putting bad things (acid and sugar) on their teeth.

And let’s talk dry mouth. You know what I’m talking about … need to sip more water? Through the night? Or your mouth just feels a bit sticky especially when you are talking? Sad to say this is also just part of the fun of being my age. Our salivary glands start to work less well. Again this can cause decay quite quickly in our teeth but also it can make day to day activities a little less pleasant. There are a number of strategies to help with these issues so you might need a longer discussion with one of our More Smiles hygienists to tailor this for you.

And you know how I said I have a bit more time away from work – I do love you guys, but I do like my time away too! But I find I am eating and drinking a bit more regularly than when I was at work on those longer days. This can have issues for my teeth – I am at risk of getting holes because the frequency of me eating has changed. To compensate, I am flossing more and trying to watch my hidden sugar intake. As I tell patients, a lifestyle change.

Now is also not the time to scale back on your dental preventive visits. Often by the time you are my age you have been a regular dental attender for many years. And often the past few years have been relatively smooth sailing. But our bodies and needs change as we get a lil bit older. Plus we also need to future proof your mouth for when you do stop working. It is important to maintain your preventive visits with our More Smiles dentists and More Smiles hygienists. You will probably find the discussion will change about the products to use and how to care for your mouth. Rest assured though that you are not alone and having your best dental health is our aim at More Smiles.

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