Our Special Water at More Smiles


Have you ever given much thought about the water we use at your dental visits? It seems like a simple and insignificant topic but this blog will explain how important this water is and what lengths go into making sure it is safe and reliable.

Water is used in almost every single procedure in dentistry. Whether it’s to remove polishing paste off your teeth or wash etchant used to prepare the tooth for a filling, it is a vital part of what we do. This water sits in complex tubes inside the dental chair. As a result, this creates a great environment for bacteria to grow on the walls of these tubes. This bacterial growth in called a ‘biofilm’. This biofilm can make the water unsafe to use in people’s mouths by potentially exposing them to harmful bacteria. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and ADA (Australian Dental Association) have regulations for standards of water quality that must be met.

At More Smiles, we take extensive measures to make sure our water stays safe, within these guidelines. Our water is tested regularly by taking a sample from every dental chair and checking to see if the water quality meets standards. The way that we meet these guidelines is by installing Dentapure™ cartridges on all of our chairs. These cartridges filter the water as well as inhibit biofilm growth in the water tubes.

So the next time you visit us, you will be able to appreciate extra care we have taken behind the scenes into making sure your experience at More Smiles is a happy and safe one.

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