Continuing on from ‘I brush and floss, but still have bad breathe? Part 1’, here are some not so dental related reasons why this could be happening to you.


What we eat and drink can influence our breath. For example, people who are fasting or on a low-carbohydrate diets tend to produce more ketones which can give you bad breath. Other foods like garlic and onions can also give your breath an unpleasant smell. If breath is a concern, having regular meals and incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables will go a long way for its prevention.

The fluids you drink will also play a part in how your breath smells. The more dehydrated you are, the more likely you will develop bad breath. Keeping this in mind, it helps to drink water regularly and always keep a bottle on you when you are going out. Some drinks like milk and coffee may also give you a bad breath due to bacteria feeding on the amino acids in the milk, producing unpleasant smelling sulphurs. Therefore, rinsing with water straight after and brushing your teeth will help reduce their impact.

Tongue and Stomach

Our tongues can harbour many different types of bacteria that can lead to bad breath. Your tongue should have a light pink look to when you check in the mirror. If it’s yellow, brown, white or black, this could be a sign you high levels of bacteria on your tongue. I would suggest brushing your tongue in a downward sweeping motion at least twice a week to help keep your tongue healthy.

Having heartburn or reflux can also lead to bad breath. If this is happening often, I would advise to see your GP and discuss your option. Stomach acids are very strong and can quickly strip enamel off your teeth so quickly controlling reflux and heartburn is important.

Hopefully this information will help you figure out what might be causing your bad breath. As always, talk to a professional if your bad breath persists.


(Written by Dan – Oral Health Therapist at More Smiles Sunshine Coast)


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