We all know that brushing twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste and daily flossing are important for healthy teeth but nutrition is is also plays a major part.

Tooth decay is becoming a lot more common, especially in children and their diet is a major cause of this.

The food that your child eats when they are at school is not only important for their nutritional, but also their dental health. The average school day is around 7 hours and during this time damage can occur to children’s teeth.


Trying to think of appropriate food for school lunch boxes that are healthy can be difficult as well as time consuming. It can also be tricky trying to find healthy foods that they actually want to eat.

To help you we have included some great food ideas to pack in your child’s school lunch box.

– Cheese is high in calcium and casein which is protective of teeth. Kids love cheese sticks or slices or added to whole grain sandwiches.

-Yoghurt as well is a great snack, without added sugar is best, you can also add some fresh fruit or unsweetened muesli

– Vegetable sticks , such as carrots, celery, cucumber and capsicum

– Hummus, tatziki, or cream cheese are perfect for dipping vegetable sticks in.

-Savoury muffins and slices from simple recipes with ham , cheese and even grated vegetables . A supply of these can be made and frozen.

– Sugary drinks should be avoided and water is the best option for healthy teeth




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