With autumn just around the corner, the sporting season is about to get into full swing. Each year, thousands of Aussie Children and Adults are treated for dental injuries while playing sports. Most of these injuries could have been prevented by simply wearing a mouthguard. The Australian Dental Association (ADA) recommends we ‘play it safe’ and wear a mouthguard if we play a sport or taking part in an activity where collision or impact is likely. The main sports requiring a mouthguard include:

There are 2 main types of mouthguards available. The first type is the generic boil-and-bite type mouthguard. These can be bought relatively cheaply but the ADA warns people against using these as they offer less protection and are often ill-fitted, resulting in less protection during impact. Furthermore, they can be uncomfortable, impede speech as well as breathing.

At More Smiles, we recommend getting the alternative, which is a custom made mouthguard. This involves getting impressions of your teeth in the dental chair and around a week later, the mouthguard is ready to be tried in. The benefit of custom mouthguards is that they are super comfortable, they don’t fall out on their own and they offer customised protection depending on the sport you are playing. They also make it easier to talk and breathe while being worn.

Remember, always ‘play it safe’ and wear your mouthguard even during training sessions. If you would like to have a custom mouthguard made, call us on 5444 6166 and book a time. We offer a wide range of colours and can have your name and contact number put inside of the mouthguard in case you lose it on the field.



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