Millions of Australians wear dentures. They do an amazing job at helping us chew, speak and fill in those unsightly gaps but they do require some specialised care. This blog will help cover the best ways to keep that denture sparkling for years to come.

How do I clean them?

Dentures require daily cleaning, just like natural teeth but unlike natural teeth, dentures are made from acrylic and can also have a metal component. Acrylic isn’t as tough as enamel and this is why Tony, our in-house dental prosthetist at More Smiles, doesn’t recommend using toothpaste on your dentures at all. He prefers people to use regular hand soap and toothbrush as regular toothpaste will put scratches into the acrylic. These scratches can harbour more bacteria and increase the chances of stains and abrasion forming. Specialised non-abrasive denture pastes are also available from the supermarket or chemist as an alternative to soap.

Do I need to use denture tablets?

The short answer is yes. Leaving your dentures to soak in cup of water with a denture tablet helps to reduce the amount of fungi and bacteria living on them. This aids in reducing the chances of developing soft tissue infections like denture stomatitis as well as reducing risk of developing candida fungal infections. Ideally you would do a 3 min soak daily but at a minimum, I would recommend to do it three times per week.

What do I do if my dentures are getting stained and worn?

Sometimes dentures can be relined and restored, whereas other times, dentures are too far gone and need to be cleaned and replaced. If you are concerned by how your dentures appear or are fitting, you probably should book an appointment with your dentist or prosthetist to discuss the further treatment.

Hopefully these small tips will help you keep your denture in pristine condition for as long as possible.

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