Teaching your child to brush

As a parent of three young children myself, I know the challenges surrounding kids and brushing. There are 3 stages when it comes to brushing your child’s teeth. The 1st stage is when our babies and toddlers are completely reliant on us to clean their teeth for them. The 2nd stage is where our kids […]

Fluoride Varnish

At More Smiles, we treat our patients according to their specific needs. If someone has a low chance of developing dental decay, we do not routinely use fluorides during their exam and clean appointments. However, when someone has a high chance of developing decay we then consider using a topical fluoride varnish. What is fluoride […]

Dry mouth causes and treatments

Having a dry mouth is a common ailment that has many causes and can be frustrating to deal with. This blog will explore what the causes of dry mouth are, its effects on your teeth and how to best manage it. Causes Dry mouth is most common in people who are of retirement age with […]

Smoking and your teeth

We are all aware that smoking can be bad for your health. The question is, can it be bad for your teeth? The answer is surprisingly yes and no. No in the fact that smoking will not weaken or harm the tooth structure itself or increase chances of tooth decay, but yes because smoking can […]

Caring for your Dentures

Millions of Australians wear dentures. They do an amazing job at helping us chew, speak and fill in those unsightly gaps but they do require some specialised care. This blog will help cover the best ways to keep that denture sparkling for years to come. How do I clean them? Dentures require daily cleaning, just […]

I brush and floss, but still have bad breath? Part 2

Continuing on from ‘I brush and floss, but still have bad breathe? Part 1’, here are some not so dental related reasons why this could be happening to you. Diet What we eat and drink can influence our breath. For example, people who are fasting or on a low-carbohydrate diets tend to produce more ketones […]

I brush and floss, but still have bad breath? Part 1

Hi. Dan, the Oral Health therapist at More Smiles Dental Practice here. I often get asked this question, but the answer isn’t always straightforward. We are here to help so let’s delve into the issue of bad breath, try to figure out what may be causing it plus give you some strategies to prevent it. […]

Heading back to Normal… in Dentistry!

  After a long and arduous few months of lockdown, life is slowly going back to normal for us here on the Sunshine Coast as the government begins to remove COVID-19 restrictions. Many of the restrictions in the dental industry have also been recently lifted. So what does this mean for you? The great news […]

We’re back.. sort of!

We’ve missed you! Back to work from Monday 27 April! Not exactly… but we can provide more dental treatments…. Read on for what this means to you… Due to the COVID19 pandemic we have been restricted as to the dental treatments we can provide. From Monday 27 April the Australian Government has reduced all dental […]