5 Back to School Habits

Now that kids are back at school, it’s important that any bad habits formed over the Christmas holidays are left behind. Here is a list of 5 tips that all parents of school-aged children can use.

  1. Have set bed times – As children turn into teenagers, they tend to stay up later and later. This can wreak havoc on their general health and their ability to learn at school. Things like brushing and flossing before bed can often be left by the wayside as well. Having structured bed times are good for all ages, even us adults.
  2. Don’t skip breakfast – Having a decent meal for breakfast is important to get the brain and body functioning well and it helps reduce the need for grazing throughout the day. Grazing is linked to a higher risk of dental decay.
  3. Rely on water – Kids will almost always choose to drink cordial, juice or soft drinks over water. This is why it is better not to have these things in the fridge during the week and only kept to weekends or parties etc.
  4. No midnight snacking – The last thing we should be doing before bed is brushing and flossing. By eating or drinking (anything other than water) after we brush, it leaves more sugars on our teeth for bacteria to thrive on.
  5. Try to avoid sweet treats in the lunchbox – Most of our children’s sugar intake should come from fruit. Try to pack things like crackers and cheese over things like muesli bars or poppers.

These small tips may not only help your children avoid a filling at their next dental check-up but should also help with their overall health and ability to learn at school.

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